We create happy employees

We are a team of founders with collective experience of more than 100 person years as employees and managers. We understand the pain points. We have crafted PurpleEmployee which we believe will go a long way in making your organization much more efficient.

Enabling Digital Transformation of People Operations

  • Eliminate paperwork, but keep secure records
  • Completely collaborative approach, involving all stakeholders for every function on a need-to-know basis
  • Set up automated alerts for your employees and managers for important milestones
  • Provide your people the digital experience

Mobile First

  • Access personal records from your mobile
  • Create requests and approve on the go
  • View Team data and act
  • Some Exciting feature
    • Notice Board
    • Time and Attendance
    • Leave
    • Reimbursement
    • Gallery

We deliver what works best for you

Configure and customise
Quick and easy adoption
Easily integrate with third party softwares

We understand your organization may have special needs. We craft that solution that is tailormade for you. PurpleEmployee can be customized and extended to meet your specific requirements. PurpleEmployee can be integrated with any 3rd party application to provide your people a wholesome experience.

Singular platform for managing your people operations

Manage all your people operations from one place. A single source of truth to build a transparent and collaborative organization


A sea of possibilities

Reimagine and we will reinvent for you. The platform can be extended to help you manage your operations the way you want it.

Presenting the Complete Employee Experience

Gift your employees the best experience. Let your employees experience a frictionless environment. Create Happy and Engaged employees.

So what are you waiting for?