Leave Shift Atendance

Keep track of who is IN, who has called IN, who OUT and who is missing IN action.

Leave Management

Single window platform for applying for and approving leave, uploading medical certificates or other artefacts, and seamless integration with the payroll.

Shift Management

Whether your organization runs a factory shopfloor or a remote IT infrastructure facility, we will set up an airtight shift management module for you.

Attendance Management

This module can be set up for employees to record their daily attendance, and for people managers to track the current and historical attendance patterns of their teams.

Overtime Management

In case your organization has a formalized procedure for recording and compensating for extra hours put in by employees, we will set things up for you, and integrate it to your payroll.

Absentee Management

For situations when any employee is absent from work without prior approval, and there is no clarity on when the employee would return to work, you can use this module to temporarily revoke the different accesses and infrastructure provided to said employee.

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