Performance Management

Manage Performance Cycle end to end. Separate the men from the boys.

Competency Framework

Performance management for us begins by creating all the competency frameworks that your organization might need, so that you can carry out all your hiring and appraisal activity accordingly.

Probation - Confirmation

Once a new employee joins, this section will help you map and track the progress from onboarding to confirmation of services, including extension of probation period if needed or issuance of confirmation letter when appropriate.

Skill Assessment

Based on the competency framework created by us and approved by you, we will also be the facilitator for skills assessment of your employees at periodic intervals.

Goal Cascading and Goal Setting

Set individual goals for all your employees based on roles. Communicate at the outset exactly what is expected.

Performance Insights

Objectively rate employee performance in real time or at the end of the cycle. Provide feedback and create development plans.

Holistic Feedback

This section helps you actually walk the talk regarding holistic 360 degree feedback which could be adhoc or at specified intervals.

Performance Normalization

Remove Manager rating bias by normalizing the performance scores of the employees. Rate employees as per the organization distribution rules.

Merit Planning and Salary Increments

Plan for promotions and job rotations based on the performance appraisal cycles you specify, and dovetail the performance ratings into increment cycles as per the policies.

Performance Improvement Plans

For employees whose performance ;eaves room for improvement, we will help set up performance improvement plans, and also make available tools for periodic dipsticks for close monitoring.

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