Help Desk

A convenient help desk for employees to connect with internal service providers with due tracking and escalation.

Employee Ticketing System

Whether it be an IT issue, or some help regarding the process to claim benefits, or any other issue that an employee might face, this module can connect the employee seamlessly to the concerned department, and help raise a ticket with pre defined SLAs and escalation matrices.

Assign Responsibility for Resolution

An internal query resolution desk, with the employee being informed about the team or individual that will resolve the issue, as also the expected turnaround time, and the hierarchy for escalation in case those timelines are not adhered to.

SLA Tracking and Escalation

The employee and/or her people manager and/or the members of the resolution team can view the status of the ticket raised, and the different escalations the ticket attracts at different times, and also status of final resolution.

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